Our 2012 season

Posted by Aimee Mesiti on Wednesday, July 11, 2012
We are very blessed here at Five Sons Vineyard.  We enjoyed a very mild winter and were spared damage to our vines from late spring cold weather by our late pruning technique.  We prune our vines from Feburary to March which keeps our vines dormant a few weeks longer.  By doing this our vines were not damaged by the late cold weather we experienced.  Many vineyards in the area had nearly an 80% loss fruiting buds this spring.

We are looking forward to harvesting the largest crop ever at Five Sons this fall.  Our varieties include Cayuga Blanc, Blau Frankish, Baco Noir, Traminette, Cabernet Franc and Vignoles.  Next year we are planning to plant more acerage.  We are also looking forward to the process of growing to becoming Five Sons Winery in the future.

Five Sons Vineyard

Adam and Aimee Mesiti Five Sons Vineyard is modeled after the small family owned European vineyards. At Five Sons every grape vine is hand planted, hand pruned and every grape is hand picked. Quality, not quantity, is our objective.


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