Looks like a nice crop

Posted by Aimee Mesiti on Monday, August 23, 2010

We are very excited about this years crop.  It has been a warm and somewhat wet summer, which can be a problem with molds and mildews on our grapes.  But thanks to an excellent spray and management program (thank you Adam) our grapes are disease free and look wonderful.

Already our Cayuga Blanc are at 16.5 brix of sugar compared to last years 11 brix of sugar at this time.  This means a higher natural sugar content and possible earlier harvest for our grapes.  This is all very good news as our vines have grown stronger and more fruitfull this summer.

At five sons we spent at lot of this summer controlling the growth of our vines.  A lot of time was spent hand trimming foliar groth and cluster thinning.  It is hard to drop beautiful grape clusters on the ground, but it is necessary to promote the growth and development of the remaining clusters.  This is how we end up with higher quality of grapes at harvest.

Five Sons Vineyard

Adam and Aimee Mesiti Five Sons Vineyard is modeled after the small family owned European vineyards. At Five Sons every grape vine is hand planted, hand pruned and every grape is hand picked. Quality, not quantity, is our objective.


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