Harvest at Five Sons on October 1st

Posted by Aimee Mesiti on Tuesday, September 28, 2010

This has been a great season at Five Sons Vineyard.  We planted Cabernet Franc and Vignoles this spring and they have grown wonderfully over the summer.  We had tremendous vine growth this year due to the rain and the warm weather.  It was a challenge to keep the foliar growth under control this summer and we spent many hours trimming the vines and cluster thinning the grapes.

The result is a gorgeous crop of grapes.  Our Cayuga White and Blau Frankish grapes will be harvested this weekend.  This years crop produced 5,000 pounds of Cayuga White and 1,000 pounds of Blau Frankish.  Later this season we will be harvesting 2,000 pounds of late harvest Traminette.  Our Cayuga White and Blau Frankish crops have been sold to a local winery.  The Traminette crop is ours, we need it to keep our friends and family happy.

Speaking of family and friends, harvest day is when we all gather and pick this years bounty.  The laughter and conversation while harvesting our grapes is one of the highlights of the year at Five Sons Vineyard, not to mention the feasting and celebrating afterward.  This is an exciting time at the vineyard. 

Five Sons Vineyard

Adam and Aimee Mesiti Five Sons Vineyard is modeled after the small family owned European vineyards. At Five Sons every grape vine is hand planted, hand pruned and every grape is hand picked. Quality, not quantity, is our objective.


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