Blau Frankish are harvested

Posted by Aimee Mesiti on Thursday, October 14, 2010

Blau Frankish are harvested

Five Sons harvested the Blau Frankish grapes.  Although we did not get a large volume of grapes this year due to a late frost this spring.  We were able to produce high quality grapes.  We have plans next year to use a product that will prevent damage from a late frost and allow our vines to yeild at full production. 

Another difficulty that we had this season was bird damage to our Baco Noir grapes.  Unfortunately we were unable to harvest a crop of Baco Noir this year because of the birds.  The birds like the Baco because it is a small grape and turns blue relatively early in the season.  Although we do not mind feeding Gods creatures, we do not want an entire seasons work to end up in a birds stomach.  Our plan is to net our Baco next year before verasion, sorry birdies you will have to stick to birdseed.  We were able to salvage some grapes to make some Baco Noir jelly, it was yummy.

In a few weeks we will be harvesting about 2 tons of late harvest Traminette.  The late harvest Traminette produces a beautiful slightly floral with hints of honey dessert wine.  

Five Sons Vineyard

Adam and Aimee Mesiti Five Sons Vineyard is modeled after the small family owned European vineyards. At Five Sons every grape vine is hand planted, hand pruned and every grape is hand picked. Quality, not quantity, is our objective.


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