Since opening in the spring of 2015 Five Sons Winery and RG Brewery has been owned by Aimee Mesiti.  Aimee and her husband have 5 sons who are important to the business.  The Winery and Brewery are located on a family run farm that produces the fruit that we use to make our products.

It is tragic the recent accusations and events that have occurred to the Mesiti family over the last year.  The Mesiti's are a strong family and are committed to rebuilding their lives in the eyes of the community they serve.  Five Sons Wines and RG Brews are some of the best that NY State has to offer and we invite you to come see for yourself. 

The Mesiti's ask that people use an open mind and look beyond the one sided media to see a family that has endured a tragedy and remains together.  We are truly thankful for a supportive community and dedicated customers.  Our family is humbled by the multitude of new customers we welcome to the winery every week.  "We are moving forward as a united and strong family."


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                          Five Sons Vineyard is located in Brockport, New York near the southern shore of lake Ontario